Bloomin’ Mathematics

An important update this week. Looking at my blog Statistics, my post Bloomin’ Mathematics is one of those enduring posts that has had very regular visits with thousands of views each year since I first wrote it in 2011. I thought definitely time to check it and update it. Even if you are not bloomin-googleconvinced by Bloom’s Taxonomy we are all convinced of the need to question our students in a way that challenges them makes them think hard – more than just simple recall type questions.

Getting our questioning right is an essential part of what we do so I have added further sources of questions to the original post to create this updated one.

Note the addition for older students, 16(ish!) and above of the brilliant Underground Mathematics. An introductory post is here and you can view all posts in the category Underground Mathematics.

Watch this space for more!

Underground Mathematics Champions

Underground Mathematics Champions