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Normal Trainer – Mike Hadden

….is my favourite Microsoft program both for its use in Mathematics teaching and for data analysis. In 2013 at the TSM Conference I was very fortunate to meet and be trained by Mike Hadden. I had already discovered and often used Mike’s Excel files for my teaching; in 2013 thanks to Mike I discovered the joys of Excel macros which save me a serious number of hours in my job!

Mike now has a blog where you can find out more about his Excel files for teaching (scroll down) and also learn more about macros – have a look at the Macro Recorder Demo.

GCSE New Content

I have created a new page for GCSE resources for the new content which I will add to as we discover more! Note the addition of some resources at the end of the list under Further Resources. A list of changes is available on a separate page.

Further Resources – GCSE new content

  • AQA Bridging the Gap for students who have studied the current (2007) Key Stage 3 Programme of Study and are preparing for the new  Mathematics GCSE (8300 specification).
  • Transition Units – Cambridge
  • OCR Check in tests scroll down to Teaching and Learning Resources
  • Resourceaholic from Jo Morgan – links to support the teaching of new topics in GCSE Mathematics.

For problem solving, Brilliant…is just that, brilliant – I’ll return to this in another post but do have a look.

Select image to try problem

Select image to try problem

Circle Theorem

Circle Theorems – Tim Devereux

Circle Theorems 

For some excellent resources for Circle theorems try these including Tim Devereux’s updated excellent Circle theorems web pages.

…and finally

Rereading my post on the TSM conference reminded me of this wonderful entertainment – ‘Katie’s bad science’. I love this!
Original and re-edited version of Katie Melua’s song nine million bicycles proposed by Simon Singh and presented on Ted talks by Michael Shermer.

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