Technology for Learning Mathematics

Download PowerPoint Learning with Technology in the Mathematics Classroom
or pdf version: Learning with Technology in the Mathematics Classroom

This slideshow looks at resources for various elements of lesson planning such as beginnings and endings, questions, activities and using resources that students can use themselves to support their studies. The slides link to further information. On the subject of slides, I must mention Slideshare; all the slideshows you see on this site have been uploaded to Slideshare so they can then easily be shared with the world! It is, quite rightly in Jane Hart’s top 100 tools for learning.

I want my students to develop independent learning skills; one aspect of being an independent learner is being able to make informed choices and taking responsibility for one’s own learning activities. I believe that using resources in the classroom students can then choose to use at home to support their studies helps with that aim. Whenever I use a resource in class which could be useful for students to use themselves I always make sure that students know how to access and use that resource.

Sites such as WolframAlpha and the Desmos graphing calculator both provides a means to generate many examples and really explore Mathematics.


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