Time to Tidy Up!

Tidy UpIt’s holiday time so time for a bit of tidying up – my house and my blog!

During the holidays I’ll be checking and updating New Academic Year Resolutions for Mathematics Teachers and will publish the updated version at the end of August.

In the meantime I’ll be doing some tidying up and updating in the never ending quest to make useful things easy to find! I’ll post my weekly tidy ups!

This last week I destroyed and recreated the UK Assessment Pages, a completely new page, Assessment without Levels KS3  gives details of the packages of the winning Assessment Innovation Fund. The principles here may also be of interest to non UK readers. On the subject of assessment I rather like the student rubrics I found on the US site, Exemplars, particularly the Jigsaw Rubric. Actually I think some teachers would probably appreciate rubrics like that – plain and simple language!

The GCSE & A Level Reform page has also been checked and updated with new links added, including the chart showing the old and new GCSE grades and subject content.

The Reading pages have also been updated recently including the addition of a new page Blogs – Learning and Teaching, these are on learning and teaching generally and are not Mathematics specific. It’s a short list, these are my personal favourites – so much common sense here by such open-minded authors!

Excel spreadsheet for symbols & charactersFinally for this week, in response to a query I had on last week’s post on symbols, I have updated that post (at the end) with a spreadsheet you can use to see which key on your keyboard will give you each symbol in a symbol font.

If you have just broken up for the holidays or have been on holiday for a while, wishing you a lovely break.

Thank you for reading this academic year.