Dilbert and Mathematics

Dilbert on WolframAlpha

Dilbert on WolframAlpha

An accidental discovery today when I came across information on a favourite character of mine on one of my favourite websites! This actually came about because I have completely reorganised and added to the series of pages on WolframAlpha which I hope makes the information here on WolframAlpha easier to find. Note the new slideshow on Statistics; WolframAlpha is useful for calculating normal probabilities for example and illustrates queries with diagrams. I like many teachers I am sure always advise students to sketch diagrams when answering questions on the normal distribution.

Back to Dilbert and we find that associated characters such as the Pointy-Haired Boss are also there!

The Dilbert site may amuse you if you have not seen it before. It is possible to search the site; using a keyword of Statistics returns these stripsRelated to Statistics we have made up numbers (I do like that second entry!) or data or try Math. How’s this for a job title? Mordak is the Preventer of Information Services!

Perhaps I’d better get back to some work!

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