19 comments on “Christmas is coming – again!

  1. Hi Colleen, I have only discovered your blog in the last couple of months and I think it is superb. I am still catching up with all your old posts. I wonder if I could recommend a link to some further maths resources with proven popularity linked to Christmas, written as whole school maths competitions?
    Thanks Colleen

    • Thank you – I am glad you like the blog. You mention a resource – you will notice as you read that all the resources here are completely free to use – so I don’t know if that makes any difference!

      • It is completely free and indeed inspired by your own WordPress blog. I wasn’t sure how best to share it! You’ll see I’m a WordPress novice but if you can offer any opinions, great. Take a glance at christmaths.wordpress.com when you get chance. Thanks Colleen.

  2. Wonderful post! I am looking forward to taking a deeper look. Thanks for bringing a smile this holiday season. Wishing you the very best. – Mike Gorman (USA)

  3. Amazing collection!
    Especially the Nrich calendars are amazing starters – Dec 1st fits in lovely with year 10’s work on forming equation and general discussion on number of variables compared to number of equations and what that means for the solution. Will try on Wed as starter!
    I couldn’t help myself and looked up almost half of December already. Feel a bit like my kids who’d like to open up all the doors on their calendar on day one and have all the treats at once 😉
    Thanks again, Anja

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