Advent Calendars and Christmas Resources

December is fast approaching, so an annual job is a check and update on Mathematical Advent Calendars and Christmas Resources.

Two new pages have been created, currently visible in the Featured Posts menu on the right.

Both pages will be kept up to date and any new resources added through December in the run-up to Christmas.

Both pages have had all links checked and new resources have been added.

E Weston – GCSE Higher Revision Quiz
Transum Mathematics

Coding Christmas

From Google check their Made With Code initiative. Note that Google’s Blockly is being used for the code.

I agree with Simon Singh’s sentiments that Coding / Computing should be a separate and optional GCSE; I think using resources such as Scratch we can illustrate some concepts well and help students understand them; polygons and angles is a particularly good example of this and one I have written on before.

For some rather more advanced coding, there’s a rather nice Christmas tree generator here; select Auto Generate and sit back and admire the tree! Note that for any Scratch project you can ‘look inside’ and see the coding – a good way to learn more syntax.

Scratch project by vidarfw02

Scratch project by vidarfw02

See Christmas Resources for the always updated Christmas collection.

Transum – Christmas Activities