Mathematics Stories

Thinking about Mathematics ‘stories’  reminded me of  ‘John and Betty’s Journey into Complex Numbers‘ which has always made me smile.


For a rather different kind of presentation – why not write a ‘story’ ?  There are many online tools available, a favourite of mine is Storybird.

I wrote a very simple story on algebra (like terms) simply to show some students Storybird and hopefully inspire them to write their own (they did!).

Some of my students helped me write this on sequences:

….and when they were revising for exams they wrote several more!

Storybird is a tool for writing digital stories, it’s great fun and easy to use. Set up an account (free) – choose your art work and get writing! Students under 13 can sign up with parental permission. Note that teachers can set up class accounts for students of any age. See the details here.

There is a training video available from Russell Stannard’s TeachertrainingVideos site.

For more on the use of Storybird – see this post on Digital Tools.