A few updates ….

Top Posts and pages is proving popular – this is updated regularly. 

Mathematics for Students has had several updates recently, a series of Explore pages direct students to resources for exploring a topic.

The Notes and Videos pages have both been updated, check Just Math Tutorials for example. The Useful Links page has been updated several times, including a new page directing students to commonly required constructions on Math Open Reference.

Mathematics Calculators and Tools has several online calculators.

Mathematics Games has a collection of favourite games – many from Nrich. Several games to help students practise tables have been added recently.

There are many resources for starting and ending lessons described on Mathematics – Starters and Plenaries.

Numbers in love with themsleves!

Watch the video from Numberphile to learn why 153 is in love with itself!

Numberphile launched their first video appropriately on 11th November 2011.

The Numberphile site which has a series of videos from Brady Haran has been added to the Videos collection in this Evernote notebook.

Another recent addition to this collection is PatrickJMT’s – Just Maths Tutorials – an extensive collection for students.

Note that there are suggested collections of videos to direct students to on the videos page of Mathematics For Students.

See also this related post on Mathematics Videos.

Happy 2012!

Happy 2012! The above image is from Jesse Vig’s geoGreeting site where you can enter a message and obtain a link which you could send in an email. It is also possible to send as an E-card. Jesse Vig noticed whilst working on a Google Maps project that a number of buildings looked like letters of the alphabet when viewed from above. and his website was born!
A rather novel way to obtain images of numbers!

So to complete the new year greeting we need of course some number properties of 2012.
We can turn to the Mathematical Association’s number a day blog. (Click on the image for the full post).

Or we could use Tanya Khovanova’s site: Number Gossip where we learn that 2012 is evil!

WolframAlpha can of course supply some number properties of 2012 or provide a calendar for the year …or even send us best wishes for the new year! Wishing everyone a great 2012!