Happy 2012!

Happy 2012! The above image is from Jesse Vig’s geoGreeting site where you can enter a message and obtain a link which you could send in an email. It is also possible to send as an E-card. Jesse Vig noticed whilst working on a Google Maps project that a number of buildings looked like letters of the alphabet when viewed from above. and his website was born!
A rather novel way to obtain images of numbers!

So to complete the new year greeting we need of course some number properties of 2012.
We can turn to the Mathematical Association’s number a day blog. (Click on the image for the full post).

Or we could use Tanya Khovanova’s site: Number Gossip where we learn that 2012 is evil!

WolframAlpha can of course supply some number properties of 2012 or provide a calendar for the year …or even send us best wishes for the new year! Wishing everyone a great 2012!

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