Last Lessons ….

Update: end of term activities page.

In the UK schools are finishing for the summer, some have already completed school for the year.

What to do for those last lessons?

No videos – though I could make an exception for the counting chimps, a video I was introduced to by Alex Bellos at the SSAT conference which he included in his session and shows the astonishing recall of a chimp – compare the human!

Some Mathematical games and puzzles perhaps? There are plenty to choose from.

The Set Game  which is a daily puzzle is set in The New York Times. How many sets can you find? Click ‘How to play’ in the menu on the left for the rules.

Or try some pencil and paper games such as Sproutsdescribed very clearly here by the Iowa State Math Department.

Always popular with our staff and students is the game of Countdown. The Numbers (and letters) game can be played online on the Woodlands Junior School site. Excellent programs for both games can be downloaded free from Chris Farmer’s CSF software site. For a new challenge why not try Coundown with Fractions from Nrich?

For a main activity a Tarsia puzzle provides an engaging activity. I intend to use one to see how many of the formulae needed for the part of the course which my Year 10 students (age 14-15) will be studying next year are already known.

Wishing teachers everywhere a happy holiday (only WolframAlpha would give you the Scrabble score as well as the definition!)

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