For (Online) Stationery Geeks!

Mr Collins’ blog post about being a stationery geek reminded me that I am also a stationery geek! It also reminded me of all the wonderful free online stationery resources.

I have compiled a Diigo list of these resources – the list (Stationery) along with several other (I hope – useful) lists are on the I’m Looking For…useful links page.

To highlight some of the resources on the list:

Stationery - Nrich

From Nrich we have a variety of  printable resources and interactives. These include some very useful resources such as the circle template illustrated.

Teacher Resources Online includes in the Basic Materials section several coordinate grids. A considerable variety of other resources are available including nets for calendars.

Several sites offer all the graph paper you could ever want including several choices for settings such as the type of paper (eg  cartesian or polar), paper size and units. Some such as MathBits offer specialist grids such as trigonometric templates.

Stationery - trig grid

I have also included sites offering graphic organizers on the list. These could be used for students to see what they can remember about a topic for example or to outline the steps of an algorithm. See Diagrams on Digital Tools for further resources for creating online diagrams such as mind maps (student version of the page here).


Select the image then different parts of the diagram to see what happens!