Statistical hypothesis testing

Statistical Hypothesis Testing – A Level Year 1 Content

To start, a reminder of the comprehensive revision notes from Mathsbox

Mathsbox Statistics revision notes

The post Questions by topic – Maths A level has several sources of questions by topic including the OCR Check In tests illustrated here.

OCR Check in test – Hypothesis testing

And here’s a useful reminder from Steven Walker, OCR Maths Subject Advisor on A Level Maths – hypothesis tests and the art of being non-assertive.

It is good practice to make sure that the final conclusion refers to the parameter defined at the start. This should also be non-assertive, using phrases such as ‘There is sufficient evidence to suggest…’ or conversely ‘There is insufficient evidence to suggest…’

Steven Walker, OCR Maths Subject Advisor
Andy Lutwyche

We could use Erica’s Errors On Hypothesis Testing from Andy Lutwyche, (or on TES here).

Thinking about revision for Statistical hypothesis testing, the set of examples from Physics and Maths Tutor for Year 1 (‘Cheat sheet’) is very useful.

Physics and Maths Tutor

Looking at the second example here, we could also illustrate this with one of Mike Hadden’s Excel files. I have used BinHyp2 from the A/AS Statistics files. These are macro-enabled workbooks. Note the scroll bars to change n and p, n can be changed by changing the cell but for p the scroll bar must be used and we can only enter two decimal places. You may need to display the scroll bars and it seems the arrows are missing in later versions of Excel – these become visible if you hold down the mouse pointer near one of the ends of the scroll bar.

We could also look at a two-tailed example, from the Physics and Maths Tutor legacy questions Year 1 – questions by topic, this example is from the first question:

The mark schemes are at the end of the document.

We could use this Geogebra resource from Integral.

Integral resources

…or Mike Hadden’s Excel file.

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