Mathematical Miscellany #80

A compilation post, featuring:

New on BBC Bitesize are GCSE exam-style quizzes; the quizzes have been designed for students working on GCSE maths, biology, chemistry, physics, combined science, computer science and geography studying any awarding body specification. For each subject, you will find 50 exam-style questions, these are arranged over five activities of ten questions each. The questions are multiple-choice and students can see a fully worked solution for each question.

Rob Southern

Rob Southern has created a very useful document linking sections from the Pearson A level textbooks to his videos, where they exist. Rob’s YouTube channel is Maths in an empty classroom. Do check Rob’s site for his collection of A Level Maths and Further Maths resources. I mentioned his Coordinate Geometry exercise, part of the A Level Pure 1 Year 1 collection in this Fill in the blanks post. Note Rob’s questions to consider to get students thinking hard. You can also find a version on Transum, Coordinate Geometry Table which allows answers to be checked.

Rob Southern Coordinate Geometry Table – on Transum

I do like Amanda Austin’s latest inequalities resources, these linear programming style resources would be very helpful for Decision Maths.

For resources for Linear Programming, see these pages in the A Level Further Mathematics series.

From MEI, comes excellent support for investigating the A Level large data sets. You will find help videos with useful techniques for using Excel and GeoGebra for statistics in GCSE and A level, also, from The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) look at these workbooks that show how to use Desmos to investigate the large data sets. Desmos could be used to support Statistics at GCSE also.

Desmos classroom activity

Here’s a Desmos activity on Interpreting Box Plots.

Staying with Statistics, an activity I have always liked is S4 Understanding Mean, Median, Mode and Range.
(All Standards Unit resources).

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