Advent – Open the Christmath Doors!

It’s December! So many mathsy doors to open!
See my updated Advent Calendar collection.

Now it’s December – you can open Transum door 1 to reveal this gem!

Transum Dec 1st
Transum Maths Advent Calendar

I do like this Dec 1st Transum activity. Use the given palette to make sure that all the trees are decorated differently – brilliant for thinking about systematic listing strategies. Note the different levels available.

Look at all the wonderful collections on Nrich on Working Systematically.

Staying with Nrich…

Nrich Advent 2022

Nrich publishes annual Advent Calendars – one for Primary (2022)  and one for Secondary (2022). Both feature twenty-four activities, one for each day in the run-up to Christmas; for 2022 the calendars have twenty-four poster problems. Both Nrich and Plus Magazine have published such good collections of Advent resources, clearly, for an Advent Calendar, the year does not matter so we have lots of choices! See for example this whole collection of advent calendars on Nrich, note the different themes available – a Sudoku for each day perhaps? The 2016 Primary Calendar featured tasks to encourage mathematical habits of mind something we need to encourage in students of all ages.

Matthew Scroggs – Advent 2022

From Matthew Scroggs – try his Advent Calendar for 2022; behind each day (except Christmas Day), there is a puzzle with a three-digit answer, solve the puzzles to help Santa by destroying the drones so that he can deliver presents before Christmas is ruined for everyone; you can read all the details in his post.

From the brilliant Mathigon site, see Puzzles 2022, puzzles are revealed at 9am GMY every day in December and solutions are availble on the following day. And perhaps have a look back at their puzzles from earlier years…

Mathigon 2021

Looking again at some of these Advent calendar resources, I think many are useful for end of term Christmas activities for examination classes. In this category we have for example:

JCalderwood revision

J Calderwood has provided three Advent Calendars – Advanced Higher, HIgher and N5 Maths for Scottish Students. A great revision resource that could be adapted for different courses.

Access Maths Christmas Revision

Alternatively how about a Christmas Revision Calendar from Access Maths? Three Christmas Calendars are available, one for KS3, and two for GCSE – Foundation and one for Higher.

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