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Back in March, I wrote, Number Resources, still very much a beginning and a work in progress, I have been reorganising pages. Making things easy to find is a never-ending task! Having written this blog since 2009, many older posts are still very useful – I want to make those easier to find.

Hence some new pages, the first created was Number under GCSE (14-16). This shows GCSE content and links to some favourite posts, also to sites that are particularly easy to search by topic. Further posts and resources and sites will be added, this is quite a project, but watch this space!

I have now added Algebra which brings some posts together such as:

Algebraic Notation

Factorisation of Quadratic Expressions

Lyszkowski’s method

Simultaneous Equations

White Rose Maths – Exemplar Questions


Transum Mathematics – Iteration


Activities to help learn reasoning and proof

Links to sites that are particularly easy to search by topic for Algebra are included, including some brilliant Underground Mathematics questions to challenge your GCSE students.

Underground Mathematics Algebra Review Questions (old O/AO level).
Some favourite tasks to challenge your GCSE students:

Resource typeTitle
Review questionTwo values of x that differ by 5 satisfy x2 −12x + k = 0, what is k?
Review questionHow small can this triangle be?
Fluency exerciseQuadratic solving sorter
Review questionCan we solve these simultaneous equations of degree 1 and 2?
Review questionCan we simplify these algebraic fractions?
Review questionIf we know two values satisfying a quadratic, can we find the quadratic?
Rich exampleQuadratic grids
Building blocksWhich quadratic?
Review questionCan we find the three inequalities that define this region?
Review questionCan we solve these simultaneous equations that involve reciprocals?
Package of problemsName that graph
Building blocksGradient match
Fluency exerciseMultiple manipulations
Review questionWhen are these quadratic inequalities true together?
Building blocksA tangent is …
Review questionWhen are the coefficients of a quadratic equal to its roots?
Many ways problemTwo-way algebra
PhET Interactive Simulations, University of Colorado Boulder,

If you like the old exemplification examples – there are still some great questions, these have been added to the following pages:

Algebra Exemplification Examples

Algebra – Exemplification Examples

Watch this space for further additions to all these pages.

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