Mathematical Miscellany #68

From Mark Dawes (@mdawesmdawes) for Core Maths comes a brilliant new site, What the Graph. This is a new website for Core Maths critical analysis. ‘What the graph’ is a collection of graphs from the media for students to analyse. Read how to use the tasks and check the very comprehensive Teachers’ notes for each resource. There are already several resources available and the collection will grow over the summer and beyond. What the Graph has been added to this page on Core Maths Resources.

From Complete Maths (@LaSalleEd) download this brilliant 128-page Task Booklet from Jonathan Hall (@StudyMaths). The tasks which aim to promote mathematical thinking and behaviour in the classroom have been designed to be used with an appropriate model or manipulative. (See also NCETM’s Using Mathematical Representations at KS3.)

Added to the GeoGebra tutorials page is Mr Rowlandson’s (@Mr_Rowlandson) booklet of training activities for teachers learning to use GeoGebra. Remember we have numerous activities written for GeoGebra, see for example this page of Edexcel resources.

Edexcel GeoGebra Resources

My page on November Examinations 2022 has been updated recently; Mr Watts on ExamQ has already added the advance GCSE information for November.

ExamQ – Mr Watts

On ExamQ from Mr Watts you can quickly search for Edexcel Maths GCSE and A-Level exam questions. You can choose from GCSE Foundation or Higher, AS or A level, you can also select by exam series, paper, area and topic. Selecting November 2022 Advanced Information displays a menu of questions by paper based on the Advance Information.

The interface is very clear indeed, easily display the questions or mark schemes.

For the last few days of term if you are still at school, these ideas for End of Term Activities may be useful.