AQA Examination Analysers

I have long been a fan of AQA’s examination analysers. On All About Maths, these are available for Key Stage 3, GCSE, Core Maths, AS and A-level Maths, and for some legacy qualifications. You can see AQA’s description here on GCSE mock analysers.

For access to All About Maths which is for teachers who offer, or are considering offering AQA maths qualifications, see How to get access to AQA All About Maths.

And now, such a welcome addition – thank you AQA…

The analysers all include an answer worth full marks and useful comments from examiners, as well as the question and the mark scheme. The Excel versions give the national mean mark for each question or part of the question. It’s great that these are now available as PowerPoint presentations, one for each paper, for the GCSE and A-level November 21 papers. The slides for these papers have for each question, the question, the mark scheme, examiner comments and an answer worth full marks. For longer questions, more than one slide may be used where necessary to show the information clearly.

Looking at a paper, which is freely available on the AQA website, from the Nov 2020 series, GCSE higher paper 3, question 28 is

From the analyser, we learn that the national mean mark was low.
Here’s the answer worth full marks – these are so useful for students.

AQA Nov 20, GCSE paper 3H

…and of course, we have to illustrate this on Desmos, I like to use the note item in Desmos to add explanations.

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