Mathematical Miscellany #50

Dr Austin Maths

I came across Amanda Austin’s site recently, her resources site, Dr Austin Maths has a very comprehensive collection. Aimed at teachers of GCSE and IGCSE, each of the many clearly indexed resources has several examples, all very clearly and attractively presented. . Editable Word documents are provided as well as pdf versions and all the answers are provided. With copying in mind the practice strips are very efficient with two to a page.

Transum Mathematics

A site I so often recommend is Transum Mathematics, I noticed recently a useful addition to the Ratio activity, a new Level 6 has been added with problem solving questions. I noticed this in the recent Transum newsletter; useful practice at problems students can find challenging.

World Book Day has proved popular this year with many contributions to reading lists for Maths, Mathematics reading lists are always useful, so I have added all the Mathematics reading lists from the World Book Day post to this page, Mathematics Book Recommendations.

One to watch out for this coming week….

NCETM Primary curriculum prioritisation materials

In Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers I mentioned the very valuable Where maths meets the world of work. from AMSP. These videos showcase the maths in different careers; each video is paired with a resource for the classroom or for use online, so students can get a real taste of what the job may entail. A comprehensive set of resources is available including lesson plans. Keep an eye on this excellent growing collection.

AMSP – Where Maths Meets the World of Work
Gatsby Benchmark 4

Watch out for MEI’s Maths Mondays!
If that is a puzzle, a little further reading.

March 14th is the International Day of Mathematics. The theme for 2021 is Mathematics for a Better World. Also celebrated in many countries as Pi Day because that date is written as 3/14 in some countries.

Looking at the suggestions to decorate an International Day of Mathematics event note this Mathematical Origami from the amazing Mathigon site.


Note the resources and competition from MEI for the International Day of Mathematics. In the run up to Easter you will find a chocolate theme on the AMSP webpage. Three activities are provided, each aimed at a different age group, Comprehensive documentation and teaching resources with teacher notes is provided for each activity.

AMSP – International Day of Mathematics Resources

I’ll end with some brilliant student art shared by Libo Valencia, a timely reminder how appropriate this kind of activity can be.

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  1. Congratulations of your 50th miscellany! Your posts are always an interesting read, packed with useful teaching ideas and resources.

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