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On Open Middle you can now get Google Slides versions of problems – Virtual Activities in Google Slides. The slides have been created by Dan Shuster based on a design by Robert Kaplinsky. Each link is a force-copy link to a Google Slides file. This introduction from Alisha Zare includes ideas for implementing these tasks for students. Note too the webinars available on Open Middle, one for Elementary and one for Secondary.

Virtual Activities in Google Slides

In an earlier post, I looked at this lovely problem, Create a System of Two Equations by Daniel Luevanos on Open Middle, accessible for students yet such a great task for mathematical thinking. We could discuss inequalities here as well as simultaneous equations. This is an 8th grade problem, so found in that collection. Note in that post the Graspable Math canvas and my Desmos page for this problem.

For another wonderful source of resources, from Tim Brzezinski, this brilliant GeoGebra book of Open Middle themed problems. Many problems in the GeoGebra book are exact digital analogues of those found on Open Middle’s site, with other problems characteristic of the Open Middle theme. Do check Tim’s collection of GeoGebra resources.

GeoGebra Book of Open Middle themed problems – Tim Brzezinski

Or perhaps try creating a right -angled triangle:

And we also have from John Rowe, some Open Middle problems as Desmos activities, CL Newsletter October 2020: Open Middle; note the Open Middle template for anyone wishing to design their own activities.

CL Newsletter October 2020 – Open Middle

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