A Level Maths Resources

Following on from last week’s post which included some Advanced Level Mathematcs resources, some more this week with updates to some A Level pages.

Edexcel Teaching & Learning Materials

Edexcel frequently publishes new material, keep an eye on new publications by changing the Sort By filter to ‘Latest’. Published in October 2019 we have a new guide to support for AS and A Level Mathematics. On page 5 there is a really useful list of teacher guides, these are so valuable for teachers and on page 7 another great list – sample, exemplar and past assessment materials; these include model answers – a great teaching resource.

Edexcel Teacher Guides

We now have enhanced content guidance which provides further exemplification of specific areas of the subject content.

A new set of mock papers will be published in January 2020 as well as more practice papers focusing on the new elements of content and new question types introduced in the reformed qualification.

Check all the Teaching and Learning materials where you can filter by content type, also Exam Materials and Specification and Sample Assessments which includes the data set for AS and A Level.

The above information is all included on my updated Edexcel page in the A Level series.  Also updated is the page with sources of worked examples to include weekly A level starters by topic for Year 12 and 13 from Edexcel past papers/specimen papers with mark schemes from @mathstiger70; these resources are included in the Maths Emporium from Edexcel and also available in a Dropbox folderThere are also Excel tracking sheets that print a QLA sheet for the student every 6 weeks.

Two more pages which have been updated are the Calculator pages on Casio’s ClassWiz and graphical calculators, including the CG50.


Edexcel Calculator Guide

From Pearson-Edexcel, one of their excellent guides from the Teaching and Learning Materials collection, we have this guide to using calculators when teaching AS and A level Mathematics. This very clear 5 page document lists specification content for AS and A Level Mathematics and provides video tutorials for a Scientific Calculator (Casio ClassWiz) and a Graphics Calculator (Casio CG50). It includes tutorials on both calculators – ideal for students learning to use these calculators.