Mathematical Miscellany #33

PhET and OneNote Integration

PhET to OneNoteI have often mentioned the excellent PhET simulations; it is now possible to embed these in OneNote. Simply paste any public PhET link, such as that for Balancing Act ( on to a OneNote page and it will render it as a live interactive embed.

Reading the Microsoft blog on this integration, I noted with which one can create mind maps; the free model allows 3 Private Diagrams and Unlimited Public Diagrams with PDF & Image Download. This looks like a simple way to produce such diagrams and I lke the fact that they can be integrated with OneNote.

MEI – Ritangle.
Registration for MEI’s Ritangle opens on October 7th. Ritangle is a competition for teams of students of A level Mathematics, the International Baccalaureate and Scottish Highers requiring no knowledge of mathematics beyond A level Mathematics. Students can use Technology to help with some of the questions.

There have been some great questions to challenge your older stdents in these Ritangle competitions. note the links to the questions and answers to the 2016-2018 competitions.

MEI Ritangle 2018 q1

MEI Ritangle – 2018, Question 1

This competition has been added to the updated Competitions page. This page includes Puzzle of the Week, a free international puzzle competition for schools.

Long Division & Multiplication – Formal methods

Mathisfun Long DivisionNoting the popularity of Long Division & Multiplication – Formal Methods I have checked and updated this page. This includes Algebraic long division.

Mathisfun Algebraic Long Division

Mathisfun – Algebraic Long Division

I’ll end with some highly recommended reading, Tom Sherrington on The #1 problem/weakness in teaching and how to address it.

For more reading, note the reading series of pages, including  Research – Learning and Teaching and Research – Mathematics Learning and Teaching.



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