Mathematical Miscellany #31

Underground Mathematics Review Questions
A project started recently to look at the various review questions available on Underground Maths to support teaching of the A Level specification now has further review questions added.
Underground Maths Mapping Review Questions

Logs laws review question

Read about the use of Review questions in the classroom on this Teacher Support page. The fact that these questions are designed to test understanding of one or more topics, exercise problem-solving and proof skills and help students make connections make them ideal for use in the A Level classroom. They can be used to introduce a topic or are also ideal for review, something which should be a regular part of linear courses.

For further questions to challenge your older students, see Challenging Mathematics Questions.

Mr Men Ed SouthallPosters and Displays

Looking at my blog statistics, I see the poster collection is very popular, it’s that time of year I think! I realised there were some missing gems and have added Ed Southall’s wonderful Mr Men collection (Note the two posts with poster packs and his delightful colouring book!

Also added is Clarissa Grandi’s display suggestions on her wonderful Artful Maths. Linking these two together, I do like the “Today I’m feeling…” collection!

Whilst there is much debate about classroom displays, see Mark Esner’s thoughtful TES article on the subject, we still may have corridors we would like to add some displays too or events where posters can be helpful. Many of the resources in the poster collection such as the Nrich collection  or Joey Kelly and Xi Yu’s Play With Your Math display very well on the whiteboard.

Transum & Mathisfun

Earlier in the holiday I noted some puzzles in the post Puzzle Time; to add to those puzzles, some further puzzles for consideration from two favourite websites, Transum Mathematics and Mathisfun. Many of these would work as lesson resources.

For those still on holiday (the numbers are diminishing I know!) remember the #SummerMathsPuzzles from the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences. Each weekday throughout August the Institute publishes a maths-based puzzle.  Whilst the puzzles do not require sophisticated maths to solve, they are not be easy. A new puzzle becomes live each day in August and answers will be provided at the end of the month.

Mirror Writing  mirror
Visiting the Leonardo Da Vinci A Life in Drawing exhibition one sees many examples of his mirror writing. Curious to learn a little more, I came across information and additionally a lesson plan from the Museum of Science, Boston. Something a little different when teaching reflections perhaps?

UK Examination Results
I am keeping my Results 2019 page updated. The page includes links to all the results statistics and grade boundaries as well as links to ofqual’s apps and other news items.
Ofqual A Level app 2019

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