Puzzle Time…

Area MazeIt’s holiday time, an appropriate time to look at some puzzles!

On my Apps page, you will find Area Maze from puzzle inventor Naoki Inaba. Alex Bellos told the story in his Monday Guardian column. This is available as an App on Android and iOS.

Naoki Inaba’s website is in Japanese, but it’s an interesting exericse to look at the images of the puzzles and solutions and try and work out what the puzzles are all about!

You can find pdf versions of his work in the Math Puzzle Room and the The Real Puzzle Room and happily Sarah Carter on her excellent Math=Love blog has been very busy! Her own interest in the puzzles led to her translating puzzles and putting them into a more user friendly format for use in the classroom.

I do like these Step Puzzles. Step Puzzles
Sarah has given a clear explanationof these puzzles which I think are an excellent resource for teaching Sequences and Series. The original documents, puzzles and solutions are on Naoki Inoba’s website can be found in the pdf version of The Math Puzzle Room.

Simple Puzzle

Mobile Puzzles

For some more puzzles, have a look at these great mobile puzzles.


Or try an old faourite, The Set Game from the New York Times, select How to play for the rules. Note the various difficulty levels from Basic 1 through to Advanced 2.

OCR Maths have published some great puzzles.

See also, of course Catriona Shearer and  Ed Southall.
Shearer & Southall

And don’t forget Radio 4s Puzzle for Today.
Answers to puzzles for today are provided for a limited time.