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I have already looked at many excellent A Level resources – see the collection of pages here. This is a project I will continue working on, updating pages where necessary and adding further resources. In the meantime, some excellent resources I would like to highlight that I will be included in the collection.

From crashMATHS, act swiftly, you have until July 10th if you would like to download their 2019 AS & A Level Question Countdown sheets. See AS Level Question Countdown and/or the A Level Countdown. Each set provides 10 worksheets of mixed questions with 7 questions on each sheet, 5 are pure questions and 2 are applied. Whilst written in the style of Edexcel, the subject content is the same for all examination boards.

CrashMaths Countdown

I do like the way the pure section of the worksheets includes a mix of basic, problem and modeling questions.

Mrs G Resources.JPG

MrsG has been very busy! Use the link in her tweet for loads of challenging questions!


Dr Tom Bennison – A Level Mathematics Warmup

Somebody else who has been very busy this exam season (as well as the rest of the time!) is Dr Tom Bennison. If you look at his recent blog posts you will find many wonderful A Level (and GCSE) Maths and Further Maths resources – some great warm-ups for exams and much more. Try his A level warm-up sheets for example, these would be great for revision sessions too. A good time to get organised for next year perhaps – bookmark these now.

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of a favourite resource author of mine, Andy Lutwyche; there are references to his resources all over this blog, for A Level I have mentioned his excellent Erica’s Errors series– highly recommended, so many outstanding free resources in the series.

sim eq

You can find Andy’s latest resources (all key stages) here.

Find the radius - transum

Transum Mathematics – Advanced Starters

I must also mention again Advanced Starters from Transum Mathematics which I think could be useful for students aiming at the highest GCSE grades as well as for Advanced Level students. The problem, Find the Radius, is very neat!

Angle Thinking Transum.JPG

Angle Thinking – Transum Mathematics

How well do your students know the graphs of the trigonometric functions? Another opportunity here for a little technology, sketch all the graphs.

Looking at the Main Transum Starters page I see at the foot of the page we have various categories of starters including the Advanced Starters.
Transum Starters
I recommend exploring! With linear courses, starters provide an ideal opportunity for review.

Looking at Coordinate Distance, I can never resist a Desmos page to illustrate a problem! This starter could be also be used to review some coordinate geometry – find the midpoint? Find the equation of the line?

Coordinate Distance - Transum Advanced Starter

Quad Midpoints - Advanced Starter

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