It’s Springtime…

Desmos Spring

Dandelions in the Breeze – with Desmos

We can celebrate Spring with Desmos.

Tulip - DesmosFor more flowers, perhaps a tulip, or we can, of course, turn to Polar Coordinates for some rose curves.

rose curve

With my Further Mathematicians recently, we were looking at Cardioids
a+bsinθ and a + bcosθ. When do you get a dimple? When do you get an inner loop?
The University of Georgia – Polar Equations Alex Szatkowski investigating a + bcosθ.

Polar Coordiantaes - Cardiods

Polar Equations – Alex Szatkowski

A little more exploring here I think! Through the above link, I chanced upon Jim Wilson’s resources for a Technology and Secondary School Mathematics course. The Polar Equations exploration is here.

It’s holiday time for schools – if you are still on the lookout for Easter resources, see Mathematics for Easter. For some lovely problems, check the Easter Challenges from Perton School Maths Department.
Perton Egg Challenge 6

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