Statistics with Desmos

Normal Distribution

Desmos now provides several functions for computing statistical properties from lists of data.

It is also possible to perform basic statistical tests, count combinations and permutations, and work with distributions. The supported functions can be found on page 11 of the Desmos User Guide. Part of the Learn Desmos series, you can see many functions demonstrated in this series of graphs.

Also very helpful is this Desmos article, from which we see that the Normal, Poisson and Binomial distributions are all supported.

With a requirement for Advanced Level being the use of technology to explore data, the Desmos statistical functions will provide a very valuable addition to our lesson toolbox.

dotplot and boxplotIn this article on Data Visualisations, we see that boxplot, dotplot and histogram functions are available.

Boxplots Activity Builder

Boxplots – Desmos Activity Builder

This activity builder includes excellent tasks for students to explore boxplots.

Bob Lochel has uploaded this helpful video illustrating the use of these functions.

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