Mathematical Miscellany #24


Can your students solve a vexing vexillology problem? The AMSP Problem Solving Competition closes 1st February and is for any students in Years 7 to 11. Full details are available on the AMSP competition page.

This and other competitions can all be found on the Competitions page of this blog.

Nrich Webinar
On Wednesday, December 12th, Nrich have a pilot webinar for students and teachers. For the event, Nrich will introduce a problem and invite students to work on it for between 5 and 10 minutes. During this time, teachers can comment online to ask questions on behalf of the class, or share any ideas that have arisen in their classroom. There will also be an opportunity for classes to upload photos of their work.

This sounds excellent, certainly something to investigate. Read more here.

A reminder of some of the excellent resources available from The White Rose Maths Hub Team…
The team’s GCSE Problem Solving Questions of the Day – Compilation from The White Rose Maths Hub Team, @WRMathsSec is available on TES Resources.

White Rose Maths Hub problems

The booklet contains over 50 problem-solving questions suitable for KS3 and GCSE classes, answers are also provided. Also from the team, their mastery schemes of learning include Year 7 material (UK age 11-12); an assessment is also available.

White Rose Maths Assessment
White Rose Maths – End of Term Year 7 Higher Paper

See also, Secondary Schemes of Learning and Assessments for End of Block or End of Term. Many high-quality resources can be found on TES Resources. this search, White Rose Maths Year 7 Resources returns resources for age 11-14.

So, it’s nearly Christmas, more updates have been made to the Advent Calendar collection.
We should celebrate the women in STEM subjects, try these Advent Calendar posts.
MGA text
Did you know that Maria Gaetana Agnesi was the first woman to write a Maths textbook?
(Thank you @MEIMaths  for sharing

Mathsbot Simultneous Grids
Mathsbot – Simultaneous Grids

Staying with Christmas, Jonathan Hall has given his Simultaneous Grids a festive flavour!


@MEIMaths shared The Christmas Tree Bauble Calculator🎄

Dr Matthew Lettington of Cardiff University has helped Admiral create an online tool to calculate how many baubles and fairy lights are needed for the perfect Christmas tree. Answer four questions to find out how many baubles and the length of fairy lights you need!