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crashMaths Skills Check

crashMaths Skills Checks

crashMaths has been added to the 16+ series of pages. The growing library of resources now includes a set of very useful Skills Checks, with solutions, on Pure content from Year 1 of the A level specification. The site includes many practice papers and mark schemes.

With all A Level courses now linear, Retrieval Practice is essential. From crashMaths these AS Maths Key Skills Check worksheets will be very valuable for Year 13 in the second year of their A Level course. The Skills Checks are all on Pure Mathematics.


Further recent updates to Advanced Level resources include:

From Edexcel, A Guide to using GeoGebra when teaching AS and A Level Mathematics. This guide links to numerous GeoGebra files clearly mapped to the specification content.

Edexcel GeoGebra AS & A Level Mathematics

This guide has been added to The Use of Technology Page, also to the latest update of this file on technology resources mapped to content which can be found on The Use of Technology Page. The file includes links to instructions for the Casio ClassWhiz calculator.

Updates to the Further Mathematics content include this link to a post on Maclaurin Series for students which includes Desmos pages. The post also links to some useful notes and examples for students.
Maclaurin Series cos x

For Further Maths, this post on the new topic of Differential Equations may be useful. Again, notes and examples are linked to, also instructions on using WolframAlpha to check work on Differential Equations. WolframAlpha is also useful for checking work on Matrices.

The teaching of Polar Coordinates offers an ideal opportunity to use Technology.
Desmos polar slider

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