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I recently mentioned that the brilliant Maths Emporium team have been busy with the filing cabinets! You will find many International GCSE Mathematics papers. The Mathematics Emporium is a free website intended for the use of teachers of mathematics in secondary schools, wherever they are located and regardless of what awarding body they use.

Maths Emporium International papers

Maths Emporium

On the subject of papers from beyond UK shores, from Ireland, we have the Irish Leaving Certificate Qualification.

Students normally sit the Junior Certificate exam at the age of 14 or 15, after 3 years of post-primary education and from the Graduate Recruitment Bureau A Level Equivalents Guide we see that An Irish Leaving Certificate is roughly equal to two-thirds of an A Level and is the main basis upon which places in universities, institutes of technology and colleges of education are allocated.

These qualifications with their very clear mark schemes provide us with another source of very useful examples. Once you have clicked the checkbox to verify that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions, you can search for papers and mark schemes by subject. As well as marking notes, an excellent feature of these mark schemes is the model solutions provided.

For example, if we look at the Junior Certificate 2017 higher paper, question 6 is on Venn Diagrams; the mark scheme provides a model solution.

Looking at the 2017 Leaving Certificate paper, I see, for example, differentiation from first principles and De Moivre’s Theorem. Again, model solutions are provided as part of the mark scheme.

I mentioned the Project Maths site in a previous post, this is an Irish site supporting Mathematics teachers. These teacher resources are for Leaving Certificate students. A site well worth exploring, looking at Algebra we see for example under expressions:

Project Maths Student Resources Index
The student resources include many activities with accompanying GeoGebra files.
Project Maths Student Resources
Modulus Inequalities Project Maths

Integration and area

Junior Certificate resources are also available.

These whiteboard templates caught my eye, you can download the Whiteboard PowerPoint Templates Whiteboard Templates 17.9. Simply download the PowerPoint file, project it onto your whiteboard, use the interactive menu to choose the background you need and start writing!

Project Maths - Whiteboard Templates

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