Spot the Mistake

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Edexcel Model Answers example
Updating the page on Edexcel’s Teaching and Learning materials (part of the A Level (16+) Resources series) I have included their now complete set of GCSE to A Level Transition worksheets and also exemplar answers with examiner comments, a particularly valuable resource. These booklets look at questions from the AS and A level Sample Assessment Materials, which was used in the trial undertaken in summer 2017. Real student responses are shown together with commentary showing how the examining team apply the mark schemes. The commentary includes always useful notes on common errors. Noting that these could be used in class and students asked to find errors reminded me of some more excellent resources – time for an update of the Spot the Mistake collection.

Erica's Errors - A Lutwyche

Particularly excellent resources come from Andy Lutwyche, look at his excellent Erica’s Errors series for Spot the Mistake activities.

For more resources – see the Spot the Mistake collection.

MEI Making Sense of Information
Another updated page in the A Level series is on Statistics; this includes links to all the large data sets used by the examination boards as well as suggestions and resources for teaching. Note the September/October 2017 edition of MEI’s very helpful M4 magazine which has a focus on the teaching of Statistics and includes information and examples of updates on the large data sets for all the examination boards. The PowerPoint resource could also be used with younger students to get them thinking about the presentation and interpretation of data.

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