Tidying Up!

Tidy UpI have made several updates to the organisation of this blog recently, always attempting to make things easier to find!

This includes the creation of some new pages.

Lesson PlanningNote the Lesson Planning series which includes pages on Technology also some useful reading. Note the excellent post from Peps Mccrea, The 7 habits of highly effective lesson plans (on the Lesson Planning Reference page). Much food for thought here with the author’s emphasis quite rightly on learning and making the material memorable.

The post includes some rather thoughtful comments on sins of planning!

With Technology in mind I have the Tools & Calculators and Use of Technology pages and also a new series of GeoGebra pages. Note the wealth of resources available from MEI; MEI as a GeoGebra Institute provides us with many excellent classroom resources. The Calculators page includes instructions and examples on various calculators including the new Casio FX991EX-Classwiz.

MEI GeoGebra Institute

Quadratic Inequalities MEI

Shown here we have Quadratic Inequalities from the Higher Tier GCSE collection. This would also be useful for Advanced Level students.

For any teachers teaching the MEI A Level specification MEI have provided GeoGebra files of their large data sets.


MEI Large Data Sets – GeoGebra

For more on Statistics data sets and teaching activities resources from the examination boards please see the Statistics page in the Advanced Level series. Edexcel have very useful guide to teaching Statistics including examples and calculator instructions.

Edexcel Guide

Edexcel Statistics Teaching Guide