Communicating Educational Research

Ahead of Thursday’s (27th July, 8.30 – 9.00pm)  on communicating educational research I thought I would check and update my Reading series of pages which includes some very useful educational research summaries.

PorterThe various pages on free books have also been checked and updated. With the new A Level Specifcations coming perhaps some of those old textbooks might come in handy and will take older readers on a trip down memory lane – anyone for Porter’s Further Elementary Analysis?!

Several books are available – answers included.

On research, note in particular the pages Research – Learning & Teaching and Research – Mathematics Learning and Teaching.

From Harvard Graduate School of Education, see Communicating Research with readings, tips and strategies for clear expression. There are many good points here for communication generally not just in communicating research.

Harvard Usable KnowledgeSelect ‘Find by topic’ for a menu of Usable Topics’; try Teaching for example for a further menu including the chance to ‘Ask a researcher’. The series, Ask a Researcher, offers evidence-based guidance for the classroom in the areas of literacy, mathematics, and English language learning.

Excellent examples of clear communication are:


Research in 100 Words – Chris Moyse

Research in 100 Words from Chris Moyse who descibes this series as “Simple summaries for busy teachers”. Also from Chris, his favourite research articles in one collection.

Cambridge MathsEasy to digest research on Mathematics education from Cambridge Mathematics, see their Espresso page where in their words, “Each month we bring you an Espresso – a small but intense draught of filtered research on mathematics education, expressly designed with teachers in mind. Each Espresso considers one particular issue in mathematics education, and how the latest good-quality research can provide helpful guidance or further reading.”


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