A Level – Free MEI samples

Looking at the samples for MEI’s Integral resources we see several outstanding resources for the new specification; these should give you some good ideas on high quality teaching resources. Note also the free resources for teaching the 2017 specifications where you will find a lovely collection. These can be used with MEI’s with MEI’s scheme of work which can be used with any of the 2017 A level specifications.

You can sample resources here for AS Mathematics. These samples are for four topics including Problem Solving. The level 1 exercise may well give you ideas for Higher abaility GCSE students.

MEI Sample Problems Level 1 Exercise

Note that schools and colleges can register with the Further Maths Support Network which has many benefits including a free single-user teacher access account to extensive online resources to support the teaching and learning of Further Mathematics, and also enrichment materials for A level and GCSE mathematics students; access to all the Large Data Set materials will be available free. You can find the correct form here, Note that the form makes the terms and conditions very clear: the resources can be used to support teaching and learning within your mathematics department, including displaying resources to students and distributing hard copies of formative assessments to students. They cannot however be made available to students by any other means, a VLE for example.

MEI Exponential FunctionsLooking at Integral Maths on Twitter, (you do not need a Twitter account to access this link) we see that for subscribers to Integral, Summary Sheets for the new A Level Specification will be provided. Summaries like this used at intervals throughout a linear course will provide very useful reviews of previous learning for students. A very useful free sample is provided on Exponentials and Logarithms. Looking at this document, we see a 5 page very clear summary of what students need to know. I do like this explanation, it is exactly what I find useful to say to students: “What power do I need to raise the base to….?”

MEI Exponential Functions 2

For a further taste of these summaries, see these extracts from Graphs and Transformations and Coordinate Geometry.
Graphs & Transformations

Coordiante Geometry

SumazeAlso from MEI, some free apps including a free resource to help your students make the Transition to post GCSE work, try Bridge It!, a quiz game. Note that Bridge It! will only run on devices with a Flash player. This version is best played on a laptop or desktop computer using a mouse or finger pad. Sumaze! and Sumaze! 2, puzzle games are available on IoS and Android. And watch this space as more free apps are on the way!
Bridge It