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With changes to examinations at both GCSE (UK examination taken at age 16) and A Level (UK examination taken at age 18) all the examination boards are offering help and support for teachers and students. Many excellent resources are available with several published very recently.

For example we have Edexcel’s very helpful resources for teaching new content. For each topic, information, examples and exercises (with answers) are given.





Edexcel – New Content Resources

More helpful Edexcel resources include the Exemplification of the New Sample Assessment Materials and the Topic Tests, note the Show More button which will take you to more resources including for example posters of formulae that students need to know.

From AQA and OCR too we have many excellent resources to support the teaching of the new specifications. Given so many new and useful resources I have separated the UK Assessment pages further and now have pages for AQA, Edexcel and OCR. Whichever board you are using it is well worth while looking at resources from all the boards, the specifications are all based on this content.

I have also been updating (this is a work in progress) the A Level pages, noteable additions to the A Level documentation are Interactive schemes of work from Edexcel and OCR MEI. From MEI – look at this excellent scheme of work for the new specification. Each of the 43 units is based on a topic and includes a commentary of the underlying mathematics, a sample resource, a use of technology, links with other topics, common errors, opportunities for proof and  questions to promote mathematical thinking. The schemes of work is freely available. And from Edexcel for each unit of work you will find Specification References, Prior Knowledge including GCSE Specification References and Key Words. For each sub-unit you will find Objectives, Teaching Points, Opportunities for Reasoning / Problem Solving, Common Misconceptions / Examiner Report Quotes.

MEI Interactive Scheme of Work

MEI Interactive Scheme of Work

Note also the addition of a Use of Technology page.

MEI on Integrating Technology

MEI on Integrating Technology

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    Another superb blog post from Colleen Young with all the useful information and links that we all need at this time of the year. I have created this document for anyone who needs a RAG sheet or checklist of all the topics required for the new GCSE exam – I have based it on the text from the recent “Exemplification of the New Sample Assessment Materials”. If you would like the Edexcel version of the document, let me know and I can send it to you or place it on my blog as a post.

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