Learning & Teaching GCSE Mathematics

Following my post, Learning Mathematicsthe following is the slide set used for the Learning & Teaching GCSE Mathematics session at the  excellent Somerset Professional Development Proramme February 2017.

Lots of pages, but if you are interested then the best way to view is via these files:
Learning & Teaching GCSE Mathematics PowerPoint and Learning & Teaching GCSE Mathematics for the pdf file. The pdf version seems much faster to operate if you wish to use all the embedded hyperlinks to the various resources. Note the table of contents which allows for navigation through the various pages.

On Slideshare – you can see the slides – hyperlinks will lead you to all the resources but for slide to slide navgation use the files above.

There have been several updates since this was first published, including:

  • Easier navigation via the Contents page
  • Additional resources, note the oustanding Diagnostic Questions with all its examination questions also the ability to assign your students to one of the streams so they will receive just two questions a day in the run up to the exams. The Insights provided are so valuable. Edexcel have like AQA provided some great Topic Tests. For further very helpful Edexcel Resources see the Edexcel GCSE page.
  • A reminder of some of the many very useful revision resources including this post for students. (Something I will update further over shortly).

Mathsbot – Revision Grid


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