Resolutions for (Maths) Teachers

As the new Academic year approaches in the UK and has already begun elsewhere..
time to review and update ‘Resolutions for (Maths) Teachers’.

Resolutions for Maths Teachers PowerPoint file
or as a pdf Resolutions for Maths Teachers (hyperlinks work in the pdf and can be faster than PowerPoint).

Spaced Practice - Learning ScientistsMy emphasis is naturally on the students’ learning and you will see further emphasis on talking to the students about learning and study strategies; read The Learning Scientists blog for more information and downloadable materials on study strategies. Follow @AceThatTest on Twitter or on Facebook.

Also added to this edition a reminder that we of course need to help our students be great problem solvers. See also the Rich Tasks pages, one for age 11-16 and the other for age 16+. The 16+ page has been updated with considerably more detail. With the UK new A Level specifications having a greater emphasis on problem solving and more challenging questions, activities such as those here should be a natural part of our regular teaching.


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