End of term…

Relay from Chris Smith

Relay from Chris Smith

The end of term approaches. I will certainly be using this great Summer Relay; students can have a more informal lesson but still do some useful maths! See Relays from Chris Smith. Note there is a complete set; I used his Valentine relay very successfully this year! Featured in Mathematical Miscellany#2.

For more end of term activities, see the End of Term Activities page under the I’m Looking for  … menu.

This holiday I’ll be doing my usual tidying up and also updating my Results apges with any UK Statistics.

BERABefore that I am very much looking forward to this Saturday’s BERA (@BERANews) Event, Learning from the classroom – Practitioner research in mathematics education where I will be speaking myself on the value of Lows Stakes Testing in the Mathematics Classroom and enjoying presentations from other speakers including the Keynote speaker, Dr Alison Clark-Wilson (@AliClarkWilson Institute of Education, University of London @IOE_London). The event has been convened by Dr Alf Coles (@AlfColes University of Bristol) and Dr d’Reen Struthers (Institute of Education, University of London).