Mathematical Miscellany #4

A compilation post this week…
(More collections of mathematical goodies.)

White Rose Maths Hub problemsFor Problem Solving – a wonderful find, GCSE Problem Solving Questions of the Day – Compilation from The White Rose Maths Team available on TES Resources. The booklet contains over 50 problem solving questions suitable for KS3 and GCSE classes, answers are also provided.

AQA Problem Solving Questions

AQA 90 ProblemsFrom AQA comes an outstanding resource, GCSE Mathematics: GCSE Mathematics 90 maths problem solving questions.

Em   has a brilliant PowerPoint with all the questions and answers – see it here.


Linear Equation Calculator

And finally, 28th June is a Perfect Day to enjoy some Mathematics!
28 is also a happy number!
It’s also National Tau Day! Pi is wrong…..
This video provides a short version of the Tau Manifesto (14 minutes)

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