UK A Level Reform

I thought it would be useful to collect the information on A Level reform in one place so have reorganized the existing pages under UK Assessment which will provide, I hope, easier access to information. The various pages, which you can see on tabs near the top of the page have been developed from areas which have proved popular.

The series of pages includes the following

From MEI comes this excellent presentation relevant for any new specification whichever examination board is being used. A strength of this presentation is its clarity. Simple statements of fact are given in very clear language and as well as stating what we know we also have a very important reminder of what we don’t know!

Further references and reading
Note that the documents mentioned in the presentation above are included here.

From the Further Mathematics Support Programme:
2017 A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics
This is really helpful – clear and simple statements. Note the link to the very helpful document on changes to AS/A Level Mathematics & Further Mathematics.

A Level Subject Content for teaching from 2017

GCE Subject Level Guidance from DfE, this guidance is intended to help awarding organisations understand how to comply with the GCE subject-level conditions and requirements for mathematics. The guidance includes further information on the use of Technology and large Data sets. Making Statistics Vital from Jonny Griffiths has some tasks which could be excellent, look at the this task on World Wide Statistics for example which includes the task with answers and a spreadsheet with data for 191 countries. Census at School is an excellent source of data and you can generate data for your own school too.

Making Statistics Vital

Making Statistics Vital – Jonny Griffiths

How demanding are questions in the new A level maths? Ofqual is planning to conduct a research study to support the accreditation process for new A level maths qualifications. Taking place in July this year, the research aims to compare the level of difficulty of exam boards’ sample assessment materials by having judges compare pairs of exam questions. An interesting method of comparison and something I have come across before – see No More Marking on Comparative Judgement.

The A level mathematics working group report is a very valuable document and one I referred to in a presentation on GCSE Problem Solving – I do believe we should always look both backwards and forwards to inform our teaching; where have our students been and where are they going? I have also created a new version of the problem solving presentation: Problem Solving 16:19.

Underground Mathematics

The Cambridge Mathematics Education project (CMEP) mentioned in the presentation has now been rebranded as Underground Maths, a superb site which will I feel be very important in our work with our Mathematicians students.


For each current school year group (2015-2016) – changes to GCSEs, AS and A Levels

New GCSE and AS & A2 courses for teaching September 2016

New A Level Maths courses – revised start date               BBC News Story


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