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MEI M2 question

MEI M2 question

Working with my Further Mathematics students on a work / energy question based on the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme started a lively discussion on what other stories and rhymes we could turn into Mechanics questions! We all immediately thought of Humpty Dumpty! I think the examiner was having fun with this one – the question carries on with poor Jack falling over and hurting himself. Jill seems to get off lightly unlike the original! If anyone is interested this is question 4 on the June 2007 MEI M2 paper.

This theme also reminded me of a long forgotten resource I used to use with Year 7 – The Three Little Pigs as a mental test – this is definitely coming out again!
I found this many years ago on as a free sample.

Three Little Pigs

I cannot mention Mathematics stories without reminding everyone of  ‘John and Betty’s Journey into Complex Numbers‘ which has always made me smile.

John & Betty’s Journey into Complex Numbers

Staying with the subject of Complex Numbers, with the same students, another discussion we had recently when looking at Complex Numbers was the need to write clearly, a z can look like a 2 for example. See Mathematical Handwriting on Mathematics for Students. Also on Mathematics for Students I have updated the page giving links to A Level Exam papers to include some really useful solutions resources such as David Smith’s worked solutions.


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