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GeoGebra AppGeoGebra announced the release of their GeoGebra Graphing Calculator earlier this month; currently available for Android, the app will also be available for iPhone and Windows – watch for announcements.

For all the information you need to learn how to use this outstanding app for Mathematics see “What is the GeoGebra Graphing calculator?” and all the Tutorials available.

Having downloaded the app to my phone I can confirm it works really well and i was easily able to follow the instructions given in the links here.

I very quickly created the diagram in the screenshot from my phone below. Using a finger one can drag point D around and note the angle at the circumference. With an account you can also save your files which are standard GeoGebra files.

GeoGebra App

GeoGebra App

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  1. Great to hear that you like our new GeoGebra app! It’s just the beginning of lots of cool new things we are planning, so if you have ideas and suggestions, please share them with us via Twitter @geogebra or at Thanks and happy holidays everyone!
    Markus (Inventor of GeoGebra)

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