Top Tools for Learning 2015

Jane Hart has now published her Top 100 Tools for Learning 2015 list, appropriately using Slideshare, one of my own favourites (these presentations are all uploaded to Slideshare) and I see is number 20 in the list of top tools:

I wrote about my own selection recently, it was very hard to choose 10. I thought it would be interesting to see where they came in the list.

Tool   (CY votes) Place in Top 100 2015
Evernote  10
WordPress  8
Google (search)  3
Twitter  1
Slideshare  20
PowerPoint  5
Excel  56
Diigo  42
WolframAlpha  –
Desmos  –

So I am not alone in my choices for most of my favourites; I did not really expect WolframAlpha or Desmos to appear in this particular list but they still get my vote! WolframAlpha is useful for so many subjects – not just Mathematics.

I found it interesting looking at the list, seeing Screencast-O-Matic back in the list at number 27 reminded me to try it again; I downloaded the recorder and it certainly works very easily – now this is not the most exciting video in the world – just a test, but it took just a very short time to record and upload to YouTube:

I have included Screencastomatic is my recommendations for Writing Mathematics Online.

Other reminders for me in this list:

Wallwisher - quadrilaterals


Padlet (29), formerly Wallwisher is such a good idea and I have not used this for a while; Wordle and the other various word cloud generators are another example. Tools to try with Year 7 I think.



Piktochart is a new entry in the list and provides an easy way to create infographics.

Scroll down Jane Hart’s page to see new entries and the big movers up the list.

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