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Discovering a novel idea for a plenary via Twitter recently, a UKEdChat resource by @grahamandre I thought I would try the idea with my very able Year 9 class (the same wonderful class I mentioned some time ago who gave their views on Good Maths Teachers).

I should mention that “Somewhere over the 2a” is part of some lyrics by one of my colleagues sung to the tune of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow!”

In the first part of this lesson I used one of my mini-tests to review the key points for solving quadratic equations. When we reviewed the solutions I also used Desmos to illustrate some of the answers and for these students, the first year who will tackle the new GCSE course made sure I used function notation! This time I told them that I was using the mini test to review the material we have been studying and that they should try and create a useful revision resource by noting the questions carefully and annotating their answers clearly, adding to them where necessary when we reviewed the material. They know I will be looking at their books early this coming week.

I was of course particularly pleased at some of those hash tags!
#enlightened with the mini-test

and of course  #winning    and #maths is fun

You can find a resource on TES, Twitter Plenary from MrGator which provides includes PowerPoint slide and tweet slips.

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