Revision – day in and day out

That quote from Robert Collier seems so appropriate when it comes to revision. This academic year I have used the day in, day out approach even more with my students, frequently reviewing earlier work even for short sessions. I am convinced this is important in our teaching and help makes things stick for our students.

Once again we are in the final run up to examinations, so I thought time to check the various revision resources I have highlighted on this blog. The list seemed to be growing ever longer so I have created a new series of revision pages which I hope makes resources easier to find.

I’ll be combining some of the ideas with my classes, for example a treasure hunt (we will be using this TES resource – GCSE Revision – Trail Cards) will make a change but before we start wandering round the room we will discuss some hints for some of the questions first. As a starter the students will complete a worksheet with some blanks to fill in so I think they are prepared to tackle the questions. (I will upload this later).

Wishing teachers and students everywhere a successful final revision period.