Diagnostic Questions

Logs & ExponentialsPlanning some lessons for the week I realised that I will be telling all my students about Craig Barton’s and Simon Woodhead’s wonderful Diagnostic Questions website so thought I would write this week’s post on that (again!). By some amazing coincidence as I started typing – into my inbox comes notification of a new post from Craig! He has been writing lots of lovely new questions and we can look forward to more (thank you so much Craig!).

Diagnostic Questions can make a great start (or any time!) to a sixth form lesson. I will be teaching Year 13 (UK age 17-18) this week about logs and exponentials. The Advanced Pure section has a growing and great selection of questions. Checking Logarithms and Exponentials I think those will do nicely as part of my lesson! As a registered user I was able to create a quiz consisting of all these questions. By creating a quiz one can order the questions exactly as required and also very easily create a PowerPoint slideshow for offline use, alternatively or as well – simply download the pdf version.

I find the easiest way to create quizzes is to use the Instant Quiz Facility which I have written about before; I thought it would be worth putting all the instructions together so created the following slideshow showing how I created the quiz on logs and exponentials. To create a new quiz I make sure that the Instant Quiz has no questions currently in it so have got into the habit of clearing it out once I have created a new quiz. The instructions for doing so are included here.

I created the following PowerPoint:
Logarithms & Exponentials diagnostic questions and to see the pdf version choose this file: Logs & Exponentials Diagnostic Questions. To view the quiz online then follow this link.

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