End of term activities

With the end of term (UK) rapidly approaching I thought I would check and update the End of term activities page. All links have been checked and updated where necessary and some additions made, including:

  • Learn the syntax for WolframAlpha, perhaps a chance for students to explore WolframAlpha, using the various slideshows, note the questions on the worksheet
  • Explore the Desmos Graphing Calculator
  • the addition of a Desmos page illustrating how to draw line segments and/or parts of circles – get your students creating pictures

    Art Elements

    Get creative on Desmos

  • the addition of a Desmos Spirograph page and an excellent Autograph activity by Owen Elton to a post with more information on Spirograph

    Spirograph on Desmos

    Spirograph - Autograph Activity

    Spirograph – Autograph Activity by Owen Elton

  • Try or write your own Sporkle Mathematics quiz

    Sporkle: Find the missing primes in two minutes

    Sporkle: Find the missing primes in two minutesA

And to finish – perhaps a song or two!

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