Colour in Mathematics

I have written before on how the use of colour and highlighting can add clarity to mathematical explanations. I use colour a great deal in my everyday teaching and also when writing solutions for students to use online. With written solutions I often use a colour to indicate a part of a question and then use that same colour for a partial answer as you can see in the examples presented below. Interestingly some students prefer a series of still images (no sound) to a video as they can control the pace more easily. I present just a few examples here. Note the Algebra – factorisation example, this has proved very popular with students.

Presentation, Colour in Mathematics or pdf version Colour in Mathematics.

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  1. Thankyou again for sharing such excellent and achievable reminders of good teaching. Can you tell me what you are using to produce the still images with? I have been using the Upad and showme apps which are also good but what you have used looks efficient. Thanks, Cassandra.

    • HI Cassandra, I tend to use interactive whiteboard software and / or PowerPoint. I can then save as a pdf if I wish to create a format that students can easily access. My graphics tablet is essential so I can annotate images. I use the Windows snipping tool to capture an image which I can then paste into the whiteboard software and annotate. I used ActiveInspire (Promethean) when I created the slideshow above, but any whiteboard software would do. In fact Windows Paint would work.

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