Writing Mathematics Online

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  1. Tools for collaboration… I’m looking for the best way of giving pupils somewhere to send their work: videos, powerpoints, etc. I thought I’d seen some ideas for this on your blog but can’t find them now. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for the blog. Isn’t sharing great!

    • David what VLE do you have? Alternatively – you could make a wiki work perhaps – Wikispaces is free and would allow everybody editing rights and to upload files of various types. Wikispaces can be used with students of any age as teachers can sign up students which means there is no under age 13 problem as there is with many sites.

      And yes, sharing is great!

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    Although this post concerns writing Mathematics – you could of course use these tools for any subject. There are some really useful tools for collaboration here – or some simple tools for pehaps just sharing a diagram.

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