Back to School!

Back to School

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It’s that time of year again – the beginning of the new school year and teachers everywhere are thinking about the kind of learning environment they want their classrooms to provide. I have mentioned this excellent post from David Anderson and Lee Pace before:  ‘What Kind Of Restaurant Is Your Classroom?‘ I think this makes excellent reading at the start of the year and I certainly want my classroom to be ‘more gourmet than fast food!’

How do we achieve that?

I’ll give my own answer in terms of an updated version of my New Year Resolutions for Maths Teachers.  (Note that the hyperlinks at to the foot of each slide seem to work from slide 4 on Slideshare, all links will work in the original PowerPoint file which is available here: New Academic Year Resolutions for Maths Teachers and a pdf version: New Academic Year Resolutions for Maths Teachers)

On the subject of starters and plenaries, also on Assessment for Learning and Feedback I recommend highly Mike Gershon’s Resources, an extensive collection of ideas which apply to any subject.

So full of good resolutions back to school we go!

Wishing all educators and students everywhere a successful and happy new school year.